The Telegraph Office

This page is about wireless telegraph history: wireless telegraph, telegram, Marconigram, Aerogram, wireless telegraphy, radiotelegraph, radio telegraph, CW, damped wave,  Morse code, International Morse, Continental code, code, wireless telegraph history, telegraph keys, bugs, sounders, relays, key, register, pen register, spark gap, spark,  coherer, Poulsen arc, detector, crystal detector, loose coupler, Vibroplex, Marconi, Wireless Specialty Apparatus, Adams Morgan, J. H. Bunnell,  Manhattan Electrical Supply Co., MESCo., Signal Electric, RCA, RMCA, Independent Wireless, MacKay Marine, Fessenden, DeForest, L. S. Brach, A. W. Bowman, Clapp Eastham, Leach Relay, Federal Telegraph, Ducrete and Rogers, Titanic, Radio Officer, SOS, CQD, maritime distress signals