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Telegraph Key Collecting

This page is about wire and wireless telegraph key collecting: telegraph key, key, bug, sounder, relay, jigger, register, morese register, morse inker, Vibroplex, McElroy, J. H. Bunnell, Western Electric, Marconi, spark key, sideswiper, cootie, anchor gap, galvanometer, siphon recorder, wheatstone, mallet perforator, cable key, mirror galvanometer, buying and selling key, trading keys, key restoration, key preservation, telegraph key values, telegraph key identification and dating, telegraph museums, on-line museums, morse code, Western Union, Western Electric, Tillotson, Greeley, Partrick and Carter, Clapp Eastham, Wireless Specialty Apparatus, Federal Telegraph, Signal Electric, key collections, William Duck, Manhattan Electrical Supply Co.  MESCo.  WUT,  WUTelCo. telegram collecting, etc.